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Progresso lento de IS

Beba a vida devagar

Temos um ritmo de vida diferente

Simplify your life. Personal not corporate. Creative & Environmentally sensitive.

pause more       live more


O time


Owner & host of Pausa Centro

Mark studied Three dimensional design in the 1980s in the UK. 


Mark developed his career in the Construction industry,

working as a field Engineer across the UK. In the Pipeline industry for almost 30 years,

he left the UK for Canada in 2015, where he was Engineering manager

for Surerus Murphy Joint venture.


Mark left in 2019 to begin the PausaCENTRO project here in Portugal.


30 anos vivendo com uma mala, viajando para cantos longínquos do mundo,

trabalhando até 100 horas por semana, gastando o que você está ganhando, rico em dinheiro, mas pobre em tempo,

alcançando seus objetivos, mas não tendo energia ou tempo para desfrutar.

Assistindo os vizinhos portugueses, trabalhando juntos, ajudando uns aos outros

em suas fazendas, colhendo azeitonas, colhendo uvas, compartilhando o excedente ... talvez eu tenha entendido errado.

Ter tão pouco, mas estar disposto a compartilhar. Estava preso.


More time for myself, more time for my family, more time for my friends.  

More space to think. More time to be creative.

Time and space to connect with new people, places and cultures. Live life slowly.

Who said it has to be fast? 

Listen to the song birds at dawn, watching the mist slowly rise from the valley.

Walk through the flower meadow in spring.


PausaCENTRO Lda is the Official company name, and means: 

Pausa - Pause/take a break   Centro - Central/in the centre.

PausaCENTRO Lda was formed in September 2019.


PausaSTAY is the Brand name of the Holiday and Retreat accommodation.

PausaBREW is the Brand name of the Small batch Craft beer brewery & Distillery.

PausaARTS is the Brand name of the Mixed Media Arts & Ceramics Studio.

PausaPROJECTS is the Brand name of the Design & Construction facility.



Working with local craft tradesmen,

using locally sourced materials,

we have renovated the properties

at Quinta da Maceda & Casa da Colina

to provide high specification

modern spaces, whilst making

use of previously dilapidated property,

rather than new build.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. 


Carbon Neutral is our goal here

at PausaCENTRO.

Solar heated water,

Woodfired back boilers

for central heating,

high levels of insulation,

A+ rated appliances, 

and Solar PV for electric generation 

all go towards minimising your carbon footprint during your stay.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. 


With long hot Summers,

and the constant threat of droughts,

we have invested in a Waste water

treatment plant, which treats all

of the water used by the house,

providing clean water for irrigation

in the garden.

The water is clean enough

by the time it gets to the reed bed

that a colony of frogs

now chooses to call it home.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. 


Where possible, we source

the majority of our goods and services

from  local craftsmen.

Rabacal valley is famous for

its Cheese and wine.

Local bakeries deliver

freshly baked bread

early each morning.

The fish monger delivers

direct at your door.

The Neighbours donate there surplus vegetables as a gesture of goodwill.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. 

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